Updated March 1, 2021



The GMMC is now open for outdoor events!!

The executive has put in a lot of work towards our waivers and insurance documents, and we are pleased to announce that the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club is now open again for outdoor trips! Members will be expected to follow AHS Covid protocols and updated GMMC guidelines as outlined on the website. Social / Monthly meetings will continue to be held virtually to abide by current AHS protocols. Please refer to the GMMC calendar for upcoming outdoor activities that will be happening soon.


Clink on the link for details: Super Frenchie 2021

Upcoming GMMC Meeting

March 24th, 2021 @ 7:00PM

Topic: Everest Base Camp presented by Neil Haggard.

The most amazing and highest mountains in the world are in the Himalayas! When we consider the highest in the Canadian Rockies - Mt. Robson at 3954 meters high - in Nepal and Tibet, we are sleeping and Trekking at 4000 to 5000 meters altitude for 7 nights or more ! Aside from altitude, the stunning peaks in the Solu Khumbu in Nepal and from Rongbuk in Tibet are massive! From Kathmandu and the most dangerous airport in the world to the high plateau to EBC in Tibet, you will see the Himalayas from 4 trips to Everest Base Camp. Namaste and Tashi Delek!

Link to virtual meeting will be provided in the calendar.

Information Sessions for Members, Current & Future Trip Leaders / Coordinators

The GMMC executive members will be hosting virtual Information Sessions for all members and trip leaders / coordinators. This online session is intended to communicate important information to club members, trip leaders / coordinators and future participants on how outdoor activities will be conducted going forward. As well as provide information on what the executives have been up to the last few months and will be addressing in the future. There have been a few changes to the waivers as well as an additional COVID-19 Health & Wellness daily checklist to be completed by all trip participants (including leaders). Members are also welcome to ask questions during these sessions. The dates are posted on the calendar and are as follows: February 3, February 23, March 2.

GMMC Relaunch Guidelines

The Executive has completed the GMMC waiver and has updated the GMMC guidelines regarding COVID-19. There are changes to how activities will be conducted going forward. The GMMC website has been updated with information to provide guidance for all participants and additional guidance for trip coordinators / leaders upon future reopening.

Participants and trip coordinators / leaders are required to read the following links at a minimum:

The executive will be providing instructional classes to Trip Leaders / coordinators on the new procedures required. Please check the calendar for future classes and/or reach out to the President (president@gmmc.ca) for more information.

“Event”: Is a sanctioned club event that has been posted on the online club calendar and is available for sign-up to current club members.

About Us

The Grant MacEwan Mountain Club** offers a wide range of trips throughout the year, as well as courses, workshops and social events to people wanting to get outside and explore the mountains.

We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts, based in Edmonton, Alberta, who organize trips for our members to enjoy activities such as hiking, backpacking, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing together.

There are no special prerequisites to join, and activities are available for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. The club is not a commercial enterprise and does not offer guided trips as it is managed by dedicated volunteers.

The Club strives to provide fun and memorable experiences for our members, with a strong emphasis on safety.

GMMC is a member of the Alberta Hiking Association and the Alpine Club of Canada.

Primary Aims and Objectives:

  1. Provide a medium of access for people to gain experience and skills in mountain environments with like minded people.

  2. Provide training through courses and workshops.

  3. Provide a communication channel for the exchange of trip experiences and ideas.

  4. Focus on respect and concern for the natural environment.

  5. Voice publicly a united stand on public issues of environmental concern.

  6. Hold regular executive and general membership meetings.

(** Not affiliated with MacEwan University)

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