Trip Participant Responsibilities

The following apply to all trip participants:

  • Choose trips that are suitable to your skill and fitness level.
  • Know the suitability and condition of your equipment, and be familiar with its use; resolve any problems with the coordinator and leader.
  • Be prepared to rent all necessary equipment as required.
  • Contact the trip coordinator with any questions or concerns.
  • Inform the coordinator and leader of any existing medical conditions, allergies or other health issues well prior to departure on the trip.
  • Participate in car-pooling as coordinated.
  • Try to remain at least within sight of other group members when on the trail.
  • Inform the leader of new medical conditions, allergies or other health issues developing on the trail.
  • Respect the leader’s judgment, and as well, be a respectful member of the group.
  • Participate in group discussions and decision making before and during the trip.
  • Let the leader know if you have reservations about any particular situation, or with any decision of the group or leader.
  • Respect your agreed obligations in any financial arrangements.
  • Participates in group discussions and decision making to the best of her/his ability.
  • Lets the leader know if she/he feels uneasy about any particular situation or is uncomfortable about a leader's or group decision.
  • Respects the judgment of the leader and the fact that she/he is part of a group.
  • Respects all financial arrangements.

Signing up for a trip:

1. Make sure you read the trip description and notes carefully. Contact the Trip Leader/Coordinator if you have any questions.

2. Make sure you have the equipment necessary (will be listed on the trip posting) for the trip. You are responsible for any rental costs. Check the Club’s equipment list to see if the club has any of the gear you may need.

3. Respect all the financial arrangements. If the trip does not require pre-payment, there may still be a date after which the hostel/hut spot is non-refundable. Don’t be a jerk. Trip Leaders are volunteers. The Club is a non-profit. If you cancel after the deadline, please pay the deposit.

*Not all trips require pre-payment. It is up to the Trip Coordinator/Leader to decide if they want to make this a requirement.