Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

Updated March 31, 2021

Pre-Event Planning & Tasks

  1. The trip coordinator understands that the club’s liability insurance for coordinators excludes COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

  1. Refer to Event Guidelines and current AHS Gathering Restrictions when determining the number of participants and location of your event.

  1. Club gear is available for loan for club events. Please refer to the Equipment section for gear guidelines, inventory and availability.

  1. Confirm all participants, including yourself, have signed the GMMC waiver and GMMC COVID-19 waiver. Any participant who has not signed the club waivers, are not permitted to partake in the event. Confirmation can be done through the calendar (follow steps noted on How to use GMMC Calendar page).

  1. The trip coordinator is to remind participants by email or text message to read and understand the GMMC Waiver and GMMC COVID-19 Waiver and to complete the Health and Wellness Form as specified in the Trip Participants Responsibility section. Participation is to be limited to those who can attest to being well, to not having been exposed to anyone who is sick, and to not having travelled internationally within 14 days of the commencement of the trip.

  1. Review the GMMC club policies and the clubs COVID-19 guidelines to understand your roles in these measures.

  1. Confirm the skill level of all participants via email / text (i.e. Do they have prerequisites such as AST1, know how to TR or lead belay, if required).

  1. Confirm availability and arrange pick up of club equipment and emergency safety gear required for the event with the gear managers. This includes any equipment a participant of your trip would require for your event.

              1. Ensure you have a first aid kit complete with AHS recommended PPE.

  1. Complete the GMMC Trip Plan Form and send to your point of contact. The point of contact should be familiar with the type of activity and the location of the event. (i.e. another member of the club who is not participating, a member of the executive)

  1. Review the Safety section.

At the start of and during the event

  1. COVID-19 Health and Wellness Acknowledgement Form - This form is accessible to the participants and trip coordinators via the GMMC Website. Trip Coordinators and Trip Participants must complete the form as per the following instructions. Failing to do so, would result in the removal of a participant from an event and potential banning from future events.

    1. To be completed on the day of travel to the event. As per AHS guidance, if an individual answers YES to any of the questions (excluding the declaration at the end of the form), they must not attend or participate in the event. If no one else can lead the event, the event must be cancelled.

    1. To be completed every morning for the duration of the event. Per AHS guidance, if an individual answers YES to any of the questions, they must follow the guidance provided in the form based on AHS Guidelines immediately. If no one else can continue to lead the event, the event must be cancelled.

  1. Confirm that the entire group is accounted for at the meeting location.

  1. Collect any accommodation and/or course fees due (if applicable).

  1. Confirm that everyone is clear on the nature of the trip, the level of difficulty and the type of terrain the event will cover.

  1. Ensure you have a map and GPS with spare batteries (highly recommended for some types of trips) and perform equipment function tests for GPS and all transceivers (if required).

  1. Divide up club equipment among participants to be carried into the destination (if required).

  1. Identify to the rest of the group all persons carrying first aid kits and other safety group gear (i.e. avalanche probes).

  1. Relay who your point of contact is for the GMMC Trip Plan Form and provide that information to one or two other participants.

  1. When posting a trip, provide a list of recommended gear for your event.

  1. Provide instructions regarding travel as one group. For large groups, identify a "second in command" who should stay with the back of the group.

  1. Review any "regroup" strategy or instructions.

  1. Set a turn around time for day trips if appropriate. If groups are splitting up, communicate your turnaround time with the other groups and set a return time. Check in with other groups upon your return. Contact search and rescue for any groups who have not returned by their designated return time.

  1. Address questions or concerns raised by participants during the event as appropriate.

  1. Ask the participants for a volunteer to provide a trip report.

Before Returning Home

  1. Trip coordinators to gather and account for all club equipment from participants.

Post Trip

  1. Reiterate to participants that if they show COVID-19 symptoms within 10 days of the end of the event that they must contact the trip coordinator or the Safety Chair ( immediately. The trip coordinator or the Safety Chair will then contact all other people who were on the trip, respecting all participants’ privacy and anonymity where possible.

  1. In case of symptoms or contact with someone who developed symptoms, all participants should follow AHS guidelines including the COVID-19 Self-Assessment, Symptoms and Testing and Isolation Requirements.

  1. Trip coordinators to return all loaned gear to the GMMC gear managers.

  1. Submit a trip report to the newsletter.

First Aid and Emergency Response

Please refer to the Safety section for more information.