Event Guidelines

Updated March 31, 2021

The following guidelines are to be followed for all club events for compliance to AHS guidelines:

  1. When planning your event, the location must be taken into consideration to ensure that social distancing can be maintained in accordance with current AHS Gathering Restrictions.

  1. For social events held within Edmonton city limits (i.e. monthly/quarterly club meetings), choose locations that can provide adequate social distancing as per AHS Guidelines. All participants are required to follow AHS guidelines for group events. Shared food and drinks will not be permitted at this time.

  1. Multi-day events held inside and outside of Edmonton city limits are to have a maximum capacity of participants (including trip coordinators) based on the current AHS Gathering Restrictions. The maximum capacity will vary depending on current AHS guidelines and will be monitored by the GMMC Executive.

  1. Choose routes and/or activities that minimize the transfer of gear from one participant to another.

  1. Multiple GMMC events must not gather into larger groups. They must maintain current AHS Gathering Restrictions on their respected separate trips. This includes accommodations and event destinations (climbing crag / hiking trail).

  1. The amount of people (inside and outside of the club) at an outdoor club event location can vary and it is hard to predict each type of scenario that a club group could encounter. (i.e. multiple groups of people at the same crag or on a summit) Therefore the GMMC asks the trip coordinators and trip participants to use discretion and decide collectively if the environment provides the opportunity to maintain current social distancing AHS guidelines or to decide to leave the event location for a different objective.

  1. Review the Trip Difficulty Categories to assign the appropriate category to your event.

NOTE: the GMMC Executive reserves the right to request changes to or to cancel a posted sanctioned club event, if the event does not comply with current AHS COVID-19 guidelines.