Is the club affiliated with Grant MacEwan University?

No, we just happen to be named after the same man. The Grant MacEwan Mountain Club was founded in 1978 by a small group of people interested in outdoor activity, particularly in the mountains. The club is named after the Honourable J.W. Grant MacEwan, a former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, in recognition of his deep regard for the wilderness of Alberta.

Why do I have to sign a waiver/assumption of risk agreement to take part in trips?

This is part of the club's risk management strategy. It is important that people realize that there is some potential risk involved when they take part in a trip and that they are knowingly choosing to take part and assume that risk. The trips are led by volunteers, and the signing of the waiver/assumption of risk agreement helps protect them and the club from being held liable should something happen. Of course trip leaders, trip coordinators, and the club as a whole promote safety at all times, and make every effort to ensure that trip participants have a safe, enjoyable experience.

Can I bring a guest on a trip?

The GMMC encourages new membership and an openness to inviting guests to certain events. The purpose of allowing guests to attend events is to encourage future membership and provide an opportunity for others to experience the benefits of the club. To mitigate potential risk and liability to the GMMC, guests should only be allowed by the leader of low risk social events. Other activities require participants to be members of the club. If a leader is unsure of whether the criteria to allow guests have been met, they should consult with the safety or trips chairs.

What kind of gear do I need for trips?

See the section on "Before You Go" for the beginner backpacking workshop handout. Also feel free to ask the leader/coordinator of the trip you are considering, as it will depend on the season and destination. Winter trips into the back country require avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes and extra food and clothes.

Where can I get gear for my trip?

The club some gear available to borrow for club trips. Contact your trip coordinator for details. Technical equipment such as ice axes and crampons can be rented from MEC.

Are you guys really "hard-core"?

We are not truly hard-core, in terms of "life as a beer commercial" images of people hurtling themselves madly through the wilderness. We try to set up a variety of trips for different levels of participation, from beginner day trips to multi-day advanced backpacks and ski trips. That gives our members their choice of involvement and activity. Trip leaders usually encourage frequent rest stops and snack breaks. (Some can be bribed with M&Ms, jelly beans, potato chips, beer, etc. Others are known to take time out to burst into song.)

In what ways is the GMMC different from the Alpine Club of Canada?

We are not part of a national organization, and we do not hire professional guides for our mountaineering camps. We have lower membership fees and a larger trip schedule. We tend to be more socially oriented.

Where can I learn to rock climb/ski/navigate/backpack?

The club offers a number of courses and workshops, based on interest levels within the club. We also recommend other providers where they can offer an appropriate course at a reasonable fee, and when we may not have enough club members to fill a course. Contact the Safety Chair for more information.

Where can I find out more about climbing?

The climbers informally gather for indoor climbing at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym (8523 Argyll Rd) most Tuesday nights around 6 pm. If you would like to try it out, come join us, and if you are new please email climbing@gmmc.ca so we know who to look for!

If you have any questions about difficulty level, skill and course requirements, accommodations etc, or if you would like to add trips to the schedule, please also send an email to climbing@gmmc.ca .