Trip Presentations

Updated January 17, 2021

Guidelines for Slideshow Presenters at Club Meetings

One of the features of our monthly general meetings is the showing of trip photos by club members. The club has a laptop computer, a digital projector, and an 84-inch projection screen.

If you want to show digital photos from a club trip at a meeting, here are some guidelines:

1. Contact the President ( and Social Chair ( before the meeting to express your interest in presenting. We have limited time available, and this contact will allow us to plan. Members who show up with digital images or slides will only have a chance to show them if there are fewer than three pre-arranged showings.

2. Limit your presentation to three minutes per trip. A good guideline for presentations is that each photo should be displayed for 5 to 7 seconds only. Three minutes at that speed will allow you to show 25 to 35 images. If you plan to do a lot of pointing and explaining, bring fewer images.

3. If you have photographic transparencies (old-fashioned slides), digitize them first.

4. If you have digital images, prepare them as a self-contained Windows slide show document, such as the PDF slideshows that Adobe Photoshop Elements can generate, or as a PowerPoint presentation, and store the document on a USB flash drive.

5. If you don’t have access to any software that will create one of the above types of document, name or rename your digital images so that they will sort alphanumerically in the order you want them shown, and edit them down to 15 to 24 images on a USB flash drive. They can be arranged into a slide show by the executive in about a minute; that time is deducted from your allotted three minutes. Try to get in early and see the president and social chair before the meeting.

6. Take lots of pictures on club trips and show us your best.