Car Pooling Policy

Please adhere to the following carpooling policy:

1. Realizing that the majority of the trips the club participates in are not accessible without a vehicle, the club encourages people who are able to drive to do so on a regular basis. Those unable to drive or who do not own a vehicle should contribute in kind. For example: occasionally renting a car, supply car wash vouchers, have a group park pass, prepare a meal for the trip, book the accommodations, or other creative ideas.

2. The people in each vehicle should meet at one location and time that is specified by the driver/trip co-ordinator. It is the individual’s responsibility to get to that location, perhaps by driving, getting a ride with another trip participant, taking the bus, LRT, taxi, etc.

3. Passengers will split the cost of gas for the trip equally among themselves and the driver, and each passenger will give the driver an additional payment to help offset car expenses. This payment will be $12 per person for a typical mountain trip of approximately 800 km. For trips within approximately 80-100 km or a one-hour drive of the city, the rate will be $3. This rate per approximately 100 km can be applied to any additional distance travelled on longer road trips – e.g. mountain highway travel once at the destination, trips to B.C., etc.

4. In cases where there are insufficient drivers and the trip is oversubscribed, someone on the waiting list who is willing to take his/her car may be given priority over the last signed-up non-driver. If no additional driver signs up, the trip capacity will have to be reduced to accommodate the number of passenger spaces available.

While the club will try to help organize rides, the participants are ultimately responsible for arranging their own transportation. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, and any feedback received will be taken into account.