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Posting a trip Best Practices

When posting a trip on the online calendar, please remember the following best practices:


1.    If you want to be a trip leader but are not enabled on the calendar, contact the Summer, Winter, or Climbing chair to get added to the list of trip leaders.

2.    Post the trip’s start date to be the day you start from the trailhead. Right now, some trips are posted to start on the day you leave Edmonton while others start on the trailhead day.  This creates confusion for people planning their trips. Having the trip start from the trailhead day makes it consistent with the old paper calendar.

3.  Do NOT use the calendar's "PAY" function. This function is reserved for the big Club season kick-off/end trips (Owl-Prowl-Howl, Turkey Trek, New Years). Using the PAY function costs the club money. If you require prepaying, have the participants pay the coordinator directly, on the penalty of cancelling their spot before the hostel/hut cutoff deadline. If you wish to use the PAY function, contact the executive in advance and state your case (e.g., the scale is on the magnitude as the big club trips). The executive will take the pay function off your trip unless you get approval in advance.

4.    After posting your trip, go to “Add/Edit Future” in the menu and click “Dates” for your trip. You will see a calendar with tick boxes. Tick the additional dates that include your trip.


Finally, it is important to keep the trip signup list accurate. We know member’s plans change, sometimes at the last minute, and cancellations happen. It is important for the signup list to reflect the names of those who actually go on the trip (even if you have to update the list after the trip), or if the trip is cancelled. Accuracy in the record keeping is important if we ever have to look up who was on what trip for route information, safety review, etc.

Paul Regehr,
May 23, 2017, 9:49 PM