Leader Checklist

In town:

❐ Check with the coordinator regarding appropriate maximum and minimum number of participants for the trip and minimum skill level of all participants.

❐ Arrange the pick up of any required group gear and safety gear. A first aid kit is essential.

❐ Become familiar with the proposed route. Photocopies of maps and trail description for participants are usually appreciated.

❐ Monitor weather and check avalanche/trail conditions.

At the trail head:

❐ Check with the sign up sheet that the entire group is accounted for.

❐ Everyone is clear on the nature of the trip (e.g. day hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, glacier travel) and the level of difficulty (i.e. beginner, intermediate requiring some previous experience, or advanced requiring considerable experience) and the terrain the trip will cover.

❐ You have a map (essential for some types of trips) and GPS with spare batteries (highly recommended for some types of trips)?

❐ Check physical ability of the participants and any medical conditions that any of them might be suffering from. If such condition occurs, identify the illness and insure that you obtain instructions on what measures should be taken should such condition occurs during the trip. Trip coordinator may have provided information.

❐ Divide up group gear and verify sharing arrangements.

❐ Collect any accommodation, backcountry and/or rental fees due.

❐ Identify to the rest of the group all persons carrying first aid kits and other safety group gear (e.g. avalanche probes).

❐ All participants have appropriate personal gear (see checklist for trip type). If necessary, familiarize the group with any unusual piece of equipment and on the method for its proper use.

❐ Perform equipment function test for GPS and all transceivers.

❐ Provide instructions regarding travel as one group. For large groups, identify a "second in command" who should stay with the back of the group.

❐ Review any "regroup" strategy or instructions.

❐ Set a turn around time for day trips if appropriate.

❐ Ensure that all participants, including yourself, have signed the club waiver, and that all signatures have been properly witnessed. Any person not signing the club waiver is not considered part of the trip and should not travel with the group. Upon returning, inform the Safety Chair and the appropriate trip chair of such incidents.

❐ Get a volunteer for the trip report.

At the end of the trip:

❐ Everyone is accounted for.

❐ Where required, sign back in with the authorities and the people with whom trip details were left.

❐ Gather up club rental, group and safety equipment.

Back in Edmonton:

❐ Notify the Safety Chair of any accidents or safety incidents.

❐ Forward the signed waiver sheet to the Safety Chair.

❐ Return the trip sign up sheet to the appropriate trips chair and provide him/her with a verbal report of how the trip went.