Coordinator Checklist

Perform the following at least one week before the trip takes place, perhaps earlier depending on nature of trip and commitments (such as Hostel bookings) to be made. Indicate completion of activities with a tick mark.

❐ If the coordinator is not leading and a trip leader has not yet been designated, choose a leader for the trip. Ensure the leader has appropriate experience.

❐ Determine an appropriate maximum and minimum number of participants for the trip. Consult with trip leader. Consult with appropriate trips chair regarding accommodation reservations (location, number of people and cancellation policy)

❐ If necessary, acquaint yourself with the terrain via asking persons who have been in that area or by examining the proper topographical maps. Determine minimum skill level of all participants. Consult with trip leader.

Phone all participants:

❐ Still willing to participate?

❐ Are all aware of the nature of the trip (e.g. day hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, glacier travel), the level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate requiring some previous experience, or advanced requiring considerable experience) and the terrain the trip will cover.

❐ Where courses are required (i.e. Avalanche Safety, Basic Rock Climbing or Snow and Ice) do all participants have the necessary prerequisite?

❐ Physical ability suitable? Any medical conditions the trip leader should be made aware of? If yes, what measures might the trip leader have to take? If possible, obtain written instructions.

❐ Inform participants of any costs associated with the trip (accommodation/backcountry fees).

❐ Ensure that all participants have the proper personal equipment (see equipment list for trip type). Arrange club rental gear with safety chair if necessary.

❐ Inquire whether participant has shared gear (tent, stove) or a vehicle (#spaces). Preferred departure time?

❐ Inform the trip leader if insufficient interest was generated.

If sufficient interest was generated:

❐ Confirm final number of participants with appropriate trips chair before cancellation deadline of accommodation.

❐ Arrange necessary permits. Consult with trips chair.

❐ Arrange car-pooling and coordinate equipment sharing as required for the type of trip (such as tents and stoves).

❐ Determine a backup meeting time and place (usually the trail head at the morning of the first day), in case group does not meet the night before.

❐ Make sure the trip leader has the appropriate route descriptions and maps. If appropriate, the leader should also have a compass and possibly a GPS.

❐ Arrange a club first aid kit for the trip leader (contact Safety Chair or trips chair).

❐ Provide trip leader with a copy of the club waiver and the list of participants.

❐ Phone the Parks office to inquire about trail conditions and closures, and obtain weather forecast. Consult with leader.

Phone all participants:

❐ Inform participants of car-pooling and equipment sharing arrangements.

❐ Confirm club rental gear if necessary.

❐ Inform participants of backup meeting time and place.