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Older News

August 2013:

Notice regarding online signup:

Hello GMMC members!  The day has finally come where we can open up our new scheduling website for online trip signup! 

Please find this new feature using the following link through our current website http://www.gmmc.ca/calendar.

Current members should have accounts already set up.  Your username should be first initial last name.  For privacy reasons, we reset everybody's passwords to something random, so you will have to reset it to something memorable for you.  To do this (or if you forget your password), click on the "help" link on the top left corner of the page under the login area.  This will allow you to reset your password, the link will be sent to your email address on file.  It seems to take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to receive this email, so don't panic! ;-)  When you do login, please update your profile to add which trips you'd like to be notified about by email when they are added to the calendar, etc.

If you would like to lead a trip, we need to change your member status to "volunteer", just let the appropriate trip chair know and we will update it and give you some easy tips on posting a new trip.

New members may sign up for membership using this webpage, but until we have the e-commerce element of the website up and running, their membership will be pending payment of dues to the treasurer.

You may sign up for trips online.  Most summer trips are on the calendar, but check back as more are added.  If you don't see a trip from the newsletter or an email on the calendar, please email the trip leader or executive directly.

Online payments are not yet part of this website upgrade - stay tuned!!

**A note from me asking your kind favour...  This is a big change; both for club culture and technologically.  We know there will be glitches and errors, items needing to be addressed, and different comfort levels with the site.  To give you a brief background, we chose a template for the website that is already in use for many other outdoor clubs.  This was effective as it already had many of the features we would have had to build from scratch and therefore significantly more affordable.  This does bring with it a few things that might look a bit funny or unnecessary: for example; receiving a waiver request when you sign up for a social event, being required to enter a birth-date (don't worry about this, we can all be 33!), or an additional household member being requested to pay $0 to complete their membership.  These are default items in the programming that would take programmer hours to change, and we felt we could live with some of these oddities instead.  Having said that though, if you have any questions, errors arise or concerns, I encourage you to please contact me so we can do the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.  I plan to update the FAQ page on our main website with common questions!

Thanks again for your encouragement and support of this project - Happy Trails!!

Kara Little - President GMMC


2012 Calendar by club webmaster David Wasserman available for download.

May 2011

Brent Young, Shunda Creek Hostel caretaker, has died.

July 2010

GMMC has received an invitation for members to participate in a volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica.  For more information, see this page.
Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation wants your advice on the new Plan for Parks.  Deadline is July 17! Read the plan and take the survey at http://www.tpr.alberta.ca/parks/consult/legislation/ .

April 2010

The hostel at Hilda Creek, perfectly situated for Parker Ridge ski touring, has been reopened on a key-access basis only.

February 2010

Mark Inglis, the first double amputee to summit Mount Everest, will be speaking at the Royal Alberta Museum on Thursday, February 25, at 7 p.m. in support of the Ride for Africa.  Admission is $25; for tickets call Catherine at 780-340-7647 or pick them up at Track 'N Trail, MEC, or Vertically Inclined.

November 2009

See the new Photo Albums section.
Check out the new Environment page.
Club members who were inspired by Mark Lund's presentation on the David Thompson Brigade at the November General Meeting, and would like to join a similar project should visit the Voyageur Brigade Society web site for information on future brigades.

September 2009

New Executive

(Click on photo to see larger version.)

Grant MacEwan Mountain Club Executive - On laps: John Binns, president. On couch: Kara Little, climbing co-chair; Narmin Hassam and Anita Jenzena, social co-chairs; Jessica Smith, climbing co-chair. On back of couch: Sheila Sutherland, vice president. Seated behind couch: Phil Mail, newsletter editor; Norm Schmidt, treasurer; Will Skaley, environment chair. Standing: Rick Checkland, safety chair; Marg Loitz, membership co-chair; Tony Cale, summer trips co-chair; Deanne Patsula, membership co-chair; Serge Dupuis, summer trips co-chair; Martin Davis, courses chair. Missing: Barb Tilley, winter trips chair.
(Photo by David Wasserman)