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Who are our members?

Membership is open to anyone who supports the club’s philosophy of safe, environmentally-friendly enjoyment of the wilderness.

Benefits of membership

Club members enjoy:

  • Participation in club trips and functions
  • Use of club gear on club trips
  • Leadership development opportunities as trip leader, coordinator, executive member or volunteer
  • Discounts at participating businesses (see below)

To become a new member

  • Read the Membership Agreement (below).
  • Sign up online by following the Join GMMC link.


To renew your membership

  • Read the Membership Agreement (below).
  • Sign in to the Calendar.
  • Under "My Account", select "Renew Membership".

  • Memberships are required if you wish to participate in club trips, socials or other activities.
  • Individual memberships are $40.00 CDN per year.
  • Online payment is available for new membership applications and for renewals.
  • Memberships can also be purchased at the monthly general meetings.
  • Memberships are valid until Dec. 31 of the year in which they are purchased, or until the end of the following year if purchased after September 30.
  • Children under 18 are free to participate in events with a parent who is a member in good standing.
  • Membership cards are available for pickup at the monthly general meetings.
  • If you would like to have yours ready for pickup, email before the meeting.
  • Memberships are not sold at the annual general meeting in September each year.


Club member discounts

Present your club membership card to receive the following discounts:

Track ‘n Trail 10148 82nd Avenue, Edmonton
10% discount (yellow tag items excluded) on clothing and outdoor equipment

Campers Village 10951 170th Street Edmonton
10% discount on gear for camping and other outdoor adventures

Boreal Wilderness Institute - 7205 Roper Road #202, Edmonton
10% discount on wildlife awareness, survival and navigation courses

Vertically Inclined Rock Gym - 8523 Argyll Road
10% discount on any Punch Pass - includes Bouldering, Student and Adult Punch Passes

Rock Jungle Fitness - 10247-184 Street
10% off courses and day passes

Membership Agreement

As a member of the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club (the "Club") I agree to be prepared physically, have safe and adequate equipment, and have the appropriate outdoor skills to participate safely at the level of difficulty of any club activity in which I choose to participate.

I understand that certain types of Club outings require the completion of specific basic skills courses as a prerequisite for participation in such outings and these courses must be taught by qualified instructors recognized by the Club. These courses include:

  • Basic Avalanche Safety for all back country ski trips
  • Basic Crevasse Rescue for all trips requiring glacier travel
  • Basic Rock for all rock climbing trips
  • Basic Snow and Ice for all mountaineering trips

I understand experience and technical skills are required for participation in intermediate and advanced Club outings.

I recognize and acknowledge that all back country trips are inherently dangerous and that debilitating injuries and death can occur from such activities. I further acknowledge that I am responsible for my own safety at all times on club outings.

I acknowledge that I will abide by the Club Safety Bylaws. I understand that Club outings are only open to club members in good standing. I further agree to read and sign a waiver and assumption of risk agreement form for outdoor activities in which I wish to participate and for which the Safety Chair deems such form to be necessary.

I acknowledge that trip coordinators and leaders are volunteers and amateurs in outdoor recreation and may have varying levels of outdoor skills and experience. I further acknowledge that they are not qualified as instructors or guides, and that the Club is not a guiding service and that all outings are a common adventure situation.