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If you see a trip you’d like to sign up for that involves a mandatory course and you’re not sure about what the course entails or why it’s required, remember to ask the trip leader or the Courses Chair. One reminder for those taking mountaineering, rock climbing and waterfall ice climbing courses is that you must take your course from a certified ACMG guide. There are a few non-certified providers operating and it has come to my attention that the skills taught in some of the courses fall short of what you need to participate on a club trip. If you’re planning on taking a course and are not sure if we’d recognize the course as fulfilling the requirements, contact me prior to taking the course so as not to waste your time and money.

Some members have asked why we demand courses for some of the climbing and winter activities. Some have pointed out that some other clubs have no such requirement. That is true, but it is a long-standing policy of the GMMC that we have these course requirements and they are in place to protect you and the members of your group.

One climbing activity that does not require a course to participate is scrambling. Scrambling can be as dangerous, or more so in some instances, than roped climbing. Please ensure that you ask the trip leader lots of questions about the elevation gain, type of terrain, length of day, fitness required and amount of exposure.

Sharon Admin,
Mar 19, 2015, 7:30 PM